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This Sliders masterpiece was the final contribution to Sliders by Tracy Torme. The story was outlined by Tracy between July 20th-July 31st 1996. It was a 5 page story initially intended to be the season 3 finale episode. The story however was put away for awhile as Tracys father became ill and filming was commencing so...the story gathered dust for awhile. It wasn't until late November early December 1996 when Tracy picked the story back up and rewrote elements of it into script format. He began making the his writers draft and incorporated alot more tradgedy into it. Tracy managed to complete most of the script up until the end of the third act...then he heard JRD was no longer involved in the show so he did not finish it. The studio wanted him to rewrite it with the new character since they were firing and killing off JRD but he refused and left the show.

The story does not end there however. Tracy believed his show was on a tangent but felt the comic book series which had just released "Sliders:The Lost Episode Blood & Splendor" was doing better than the series itself at the moment. Satisfied with the way Blood & Splendor turned out Tracy made copies of his story and script up to the point he finished and went to Acclaim to discuss the possiblities of getting "Heat of the Moment" tunred into a comic special, however, Acclaim had to end the line and no one got to make it.

There are not very many copies of this script out there as it was Tormes last. In December 1996 he discussed it with John Rhyes Davies as he was a big part of the script. He did share it with some of production staff and I managed to get ahold of a copy. Who knows he may not even have it anymore...I haven't spoken with Tracy Torme since 1998. It may be on the web but I haven't found it so I feel obligated to share it with anyone who wants to read it so - Enjoy this last piece of Sliders written by Tracy Torme.

***Please Note***If I am not the first to publish this missing Sliders script or any other subject from the vault please let me know and I'll give credit where credit is due.

The Original Story Outline

Dated July 31st, 1996 this this is Tracys original 5 pages story for Heat of the Moment which ultimately would be altered when developing began on the writers draft in winter 1996.

Heat of the Moment Incomplete Writers Draft

November/December 1996.
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