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A Universe of Lost Ideas

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Welcome to The Sliders Vault. This site has been a concept in my mind for atleast 9 years or more. While I had been working with the production staff of Sliders from 1996-1999 I had the experience of seeing alot of behind the scenes information. The information came in the form of working partially with the producers of the show. It was during this period of time in which I had watched the show develope from script to screen...kind of.

As with most television shows and even movies ideas are put forth and never totally processed. For some reason or another may it be actors, budget concerns or cooperation issues the original idea of something may get altered or forgotten altogether. Examples of this include Back to the Future Part II, Star Trek, or even sitcoms like Married with Children. Originally BTTF II centered around a plot in which Marty travels back to the year 1967. With Star Trek Paramount was considering another 5 year mission with an undeveloped series titled Star Trek:Phase II, although the series would never see the light of day several episodes were scripted. Married with Children had story arcs written with scripts completed but discarded the plots because of personal factors in the actors lives...everybody remembers the character Seven and Pegs disappearing pregnancy. Regardless of the previously mentioned programs I am mostly concerned with Sliders because I had the privelage to work with the writers and producers of the show only to watch it trainwreck into something that could have many times had the opportunity to blossom.

In The Sliders Vault I will guide you through Season 3, 4, and 5 in ways it was originally intended and written. But analyzing notes, outlines, treatments and early scripts and discarded ideas I will explain why ideas were thrown out the window. The reason I will only shed light on seasons 3-5 is because I did not work with Sliders during the first two seasons. During my exployment during Seasons 3-5 I've collected rare artifacts of production. Throughout those years I've always as a fan had held onto the scipts and outlines of which others felt were unimportant and wanted to share them with other who might care...welcome to THE SLIDERS VAULT.

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