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Story Outline

30 July 1996

Written by Tracy Torme


In the Royal Chancellor Hotel Wade is sorting through clothing...Quinn states that she cant take all of those clthes to a parallel earth. Quinn leaves. Wade asks Rembrant opinion should she wear the yellow dress or the pink t-shirt and skirt? Rembrant say she should wear the pink because it brings out her smile. In the meantime Quinn goes to the room where Arturo is sleeping and has been for 12 hours. Quinn has a secret conversation with him about his illness and says he should wake up. Arturo wakes up and prepares for the slide. They slide and land on the Golden Gate Bridge where the sun appears huge in the sky and Rembrant claims its hot as hell. Looking at the water beneathe the bridge they notice tidal waves yet low water. The sliders continue down the road to where peple are partying in the streets and the sliders get a sense of familiarity. People are wearing strange hats. As they inquire about the temperature they doscover the earth is falling towards the sun.

ACT I (10 minutes) The sliders are scared because the timer reads the longest possible duration digitally. Under the circumstances Arturo explains Kemplers Law and Newtons law of motion to Rembrant. Arturo explains that considering their chances he believed that there was no possibility they would ever return anyway. Quinn, Arturo, and Wade reach a disagreement and Arturo leaves. Rembrant confronts Quinn about home and then also leaves. Rembrant stays with Wade while Quinn dissappears to his doubles house. As Arturo wanders through the discarted San Francisco he sees a commercial of Comrad Bennish on 20/20 talking about Ice hats. His tag line is "stay cool". Arturo is bedazzled. Quinn is in his doubles basement where he discovers his double had sucessfulyly developed his sliding machine to be an anti gravity device. Quinn witnesses a video of this. Unfortunately in the video Quinn says his mother is ill and he must move with her.

ACT II(10 minutes) Arturo arrives and apolgizes to Quinn while Bennish also arrives because he promised the Quinn of this world he would feed his cat. Arturo explains to Quinn that Newton was a laughing stock on this earth...the apple never fell. Quinn also suggest that his double created anti gravity and that its possible to stabilize the gravitational pull of the earth with the correct calculations. Rembrant speaks with Wade about death...hugs her and says if he's gonna die then he's going to give up the grudge he has against his brother. As Wade states she loves Quinn and has been hiding it (references Last Days) Quinn leaves the chances of survival in the professors hands. As Bennish and the professor explore Quinns anti gravity machine Quinn proposes to Wade.